We are 3 childhood friends, born and raised in Lourinhã. Francisco, designer graduated by IADE, David, architect graduated by the Lisbon School of Architecture, and Paulo, master’s in management by Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. 

The idea to start a business began in 2018 as result of many exchanges. Learning to become aware of time and trying to spend less of it thinking about the future and the past, made us look for something that could help us force that feeling. Something that could bring us to the present, mindful that time does not stop and should be seized in every second.

Watches ended up being the perfect solution. Looking at the hours creates a static relationship between people and time. In that moment of visual contact, we look for hours and minutes, a photograph, with no notion of movement. We had to challenge these moments!

We believe that being aware of time in its essence, allows you to unlock better conversations, healthier relationships, and authentic achievements.

SILICA is about living in the present, more than hours, minutes, and seconds. 

Different Time